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In the current landscape of redundant music, a compelling CD has been made by Dallas-based independent artists GOAT (Justin Griffith) & three6t (Ricky Cantrell). "Mileage" is a 14-track collection of captivating songs that showcase their talents and astute ability to bridge the gap between multiple genres of music. "Mileage" is unique in that it is accessible to mainstream and underground music fans alike. Narrowly defined genre barriers do a disservice to the broad and exceptional songs. Indie Rock, R&B, Blues, and Hip Hop sensibilities are seamless throughout the contextual and sonic approach of this CD.

Dirty South music, as a subgenre, has been widely successful for many years, but is limited in focus and lacks topic diversity. "Mileage" takes a different path and offers interpersonal insight from GOAT with varied lyrical content as a foundation. He cites Stevie Ray Vaughn, poet Edgar Allan Poe, Outkast, and Brother Ali as artists who have influenced his creative drive. The CD was produced, recorded, and arranged by GOAT & three6t.

"Ain’t Felt Nothin'," the first single slated for release from "Mileage," is an ideal track for the clubs. The song showcases GOAT’s smooth yet urgent rhyme flow amidst heavy live bass, unique echo effects, and an eclectic beat. It introduces listeners to his witty intelligent south style. GOAT is an artist whose lyrics offer a stark alternative to the heavy emphasis on materialism found in Crunk or Dirty South music, and more specifically the music that mainstream hip hop audiences associate with Texas artists.

"We'll be executing waves of promotion and are planning a tour of surrounding states,” says GOAT. “Most of the hard work happens after the release, and that's what we've learned from previous projects.” GOAT is constantly proactive with his website and stays connected with fans through myspace, facebook, youtube, and twitter.

"Highest Low" is a provocative and pensive song about seizing second chances in life despite the negative challenges we all encounter. It has a harmonic blues influence that is emboldened by GOAT's multilayered vocals, live acoustic guitar, handclaps, and a chorus that quickly draws in listeners.

"When I listen to music, I want to feel like I know the artist and go through life with them. My music is alike in that way. People can relate to what I’m going through and feel as if they’re not going through their trials and tribulations alone. At the same time, it’s a needed outlet for me to stay halfway sane," GOAT explains.

In addition to broadening his core fan base in Dallas, GOAT seeks to expand that base to a larger regional and national level of exposure. Many of the songs were debuted during his recent summer tour. The early reception of songs from "Mileage" was received with immediate positive feedback from audiences at venues such as Babylon in Fresno, California, and Copper State Tavern in Glendale, Arizona.

Steve Wick, who has received nice reviews in URB and Accelerator Magazine as an artist/producer of "Made Into Itself," says, "GOAT & three6t work well together like Guru and DJ Premier. I've seen their live shows and they are very good. Both are diligent and hardworking and I see great things happening for them in the future."

The official CD Release Party for "Mileage" will take place on November 7th at the Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas. Director Teddy Cool will begin production for the video of "Highest Low" in mid-November.

By Brian Carr


released November 10, 2009

All Songs Produced, Mixed, Recorded, Edited, & Arranged by GOAT & three6t for The Intelligent South (ASCAP)

All Vocals Written & Performed by GOAT (Justin Griffith) unless noted otherwise

All Music Written & Performed by GOAT (Justin Griffith) & three6t (Ricky Cantrell) unless noted otherwise

Mastered by George Geurin at DES Mastering

Graphic Design by three6t

Photography by Dylan Hollingsworth

Album Cover Font by Last Soundtrack

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Copyright 2009 The Intelligent South
Published 2009 The Intelligent South

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Laws.


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Track Name: A Full Tank

they said quit…go ahead and give up,
but since I’m here, you can tell I didn’t give a…
I ain’t even gotta say it – you can fill in the blank
I’m risin’ up through the ranks – I gotta full tank
yall runnin’ on empty – that was one of your many mistakes
you never know when you’ll be challenged to a race
I’ve paid hella dues, well, look at my shoes
they remind me of all the battlefields that I’ve walked through
…and I keep on reppin’, keep you guessin’ every step of the way
…even if I’m stressin’, I won’t letcha see the sweat on my face
…I’ve had the blessin’ of bein’ tested – that’s how I was raised
now I teach lessons with the passion of a sage
like the blastin’ of a gauge, like rap is in my veins
my words’ve been accused of verbal abuse, they’re locked in my rib cage
they’ve been enslaved and as they escape my mouth they behave as if filled with rage
I am to blame, but I can’t erase the way that they view life as a maze
…and I got my family surroundin’ me yellin’ “take a break”
…and my candle’s burnin’ at both ends…my health’s at stake,
but I am stubborn when it comesta the struggle
with a muzzle, you can’t keep me muffled, competition crumbles
never fumble, and if I do…best believe this
I’ll have my elbows up like I’m in a Jacknife mosh-pit
fists balled up – wishin’ I could avoid drama
gotta stay One Up, inflictin’ Blunt Force trauma
goin’ off on a tangent, managin’ to turn a new Leaf
when I get to where I wanna be, maybe then I can breathe
maybe then you’ll believe that Hip Hop Helps Heal
while I pour my soul out like Odis, I will force you to Feel
not a Lejend yet, but ya better document my footprints
an extraordinary Emissary chantin’ Dallas Got Next
recitin’ lines in my Sleep and sleep’s the cousin of death,
so when ya lay me to rest in my casket, I guess I’ll be a Dead Poet
yep…I’m so obsessive with my manuscript, you betta get
a Sniper to Merk me out before I raid your fellowship
hibernatin’ in the lab with a pad and a pen
voices in my head turned into my Imaginary Friends
in a surreal – I got my Roots and Wings,
so I stay grounded, but I can fly away within my Lucid Dreams
and I have Multiple IDs that jump my ego daily
a gang fight in my head – that’s why my memory is fading
it’s Masquerading…making right look wrong
when What We Deserve is a Stepping Stone
and you may dream…big, but I Dream Bigger
I Don’t Drink the Water – stay LIT wit the liquor
double-shot of 80 proof Absolute Truth
if you disapprove of me, remember I’m Not You
if you Neva Dug me, dude, I ain’t trippin’
gotta new set of Good Years and they still spinnin’,
the Lord gave me strength to keep on truckin’
I survived that wreck…and I feel so lucky
gotta grip on the wheel and a lot on my mind,
and ain’t nothin’…EVER gonna stop my grind
ain’t nothin’…EVER gonna stop my grind
ain’t nothin’…EVER gonna stop my grind
I gotta grip on the wheel and a lot on my mind,
and ain’t nothin’…EVER gonna stop my grind
I’m tuned up…hope you ready to ride – it’s crunch-time
the grind’s swimmin’ in my bloodline
…embedded in my genes, encoded in my DNA
I make love to the mic – that’s how vocals get laid
Track Name: Just Another Thought

you’ve got this whole CD to get to know me
unless I’ve seen you on the street and sold you a previous EP
…and whatchall know about three6t
you mighta met G-O-A, but maybe not to the T
…and if you’ve copped one of the past 19
projects that I’ve been involved with, then I appre-
ciate it…and if I was drunk, I probably gave you a disc
I’m a lil’ more giving after I drink a 5th
of liquor – I pull the trigger only if it’s Fate’s gun
Russian-Roulette…the past 5 times, it’s been all luck,
so on this 6th round, I think I’ll sit out
I don’t know – whatchall think? good idea – gia, no doubt
every track I put out is just another thought
you’ll get to know me better and better with each one
g-g-gia, and we’ll keep ‘em comin’, don’t you worry ‘bout that
hold up main…gotta let me fill up my glass

I gotta bottle of liquor…and nothin’, but time,
so let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s mind, hey…
I gotta bottle of liquor…and nothin’, but time,
so let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy each other’s mind, hey…

I know you’ve seen my Grades, but what about Absolute Truth
you know if you test me, I’ll make an A…plus I’ll test you
I’m runnin’ past, lookin’ back, laughin’ atcho ass
started wheezin’, stopped smokin’, started eatin’ grass
I put the bottle down, until my work is done
then I pick it up off the ground and down another round
that’s how it’s goin’ down…I give my patnaz pounds
and give the ladies hugs, an occasional kiss to show ‘em love
I’ve always lived my life by the Golden Rule
do unto others as if you’d want them to do to you
if you bathe in dirt, karma catches you quick,
so I rinse myself off every chance that I get
my name minus “at,” plus “d,” please be
more conscious of what you feed these kids, they eat
whatever’s put in front of them from the start
trust me…I work with kids – that’s why I speak from my heart
most in this game say they’re “soldiers” of the art-form,
so they should know – there’s no erasers in the art of war
oh…you gotta go? wait, 1 more drink
don’t run off so quick, have another shot on me

Track Name: Ain't Felt Nothin'

my senses must be off – yall ain’t got no taste
you watch T.V. to see what fashion you’ll embrace
lack of originality – invadin’ my space
reach down, grab my shoe, and sock you dead in the face
pff…give me a break, better yet, give me a rake
as I comb through fakes, only few will escape
right before I wage war on the corporate race
pray to the Lord I’ll be respectful at the Industry’s wake
I’ll bury the hatchet, pull a weapon out my mattress
draw up new blue prints full of Grade A tactics
with practice, you drastically less than average
gotta bulletproof plan and…you can’t match it boy
I know at least 10 artists from Dallas
that’ll lyrically slap you stupid-ass cats backwards
let’s be honest – if talent really mattered much,
a few of us wouldn’t have to scrape up change for lunch

I see your lips movin’, but I ain’t hear nothin’
I heard you makin’ moves, but I ain’t seen nothin’
you got a lil’ buzz, but I ain’t felt nothin’
I ain’t seen, I ain’t heard, I ain’t felt nothin’
I ain’t seen, I ain’t heard, I ain’t felt nothin’
Grades Of Absolute Truth’s in the booth whisperin’ a lil’ somethin’
Yall ain’t ‘bout nothin’, dude, yall frontin’

I heard you got that truck, heard you got that car
stereo system thumpin’, bumpin’ up and down the boulevard
looks like you got wings when your doors are ajar
20, 000 dollar rims – that paint job is so raw
guaranteed to get pulled over as you leavin’ the par-
king lot behind the bar, now you behind bars
much more money spent on bail to build up your image
that ride looks nice in your garage when your license is suspended
haha, naw dude, I ain’t tryin’ to be funny
it’s just ridiculous how much emphasis you put on money
and I can’t lie, I try hard to break bread
cause I gotta make sure that my family is fed
so instead…of worshippin’ material things
I push positive vibes and live life like a humble human being
when I give a friendly smile, ain’t no grill in my mouth
I’m flossin’ pearly whites, welcome to The Intelligent South


if you lovin’ what you hearin’ and you feelin’ what I’m doin’
say yesir – yesir
if you lovin’ what you hearin’ and you feelin’ what I’m doin’
say yesir – yesir
sorry to say – you’re too little, too late
p-p-please plead guilty, I am closin’ your case
runnin’ that rat race, even at this calm pace
I hit golden goals, homie, yo, I’m in first place

Track Name: Outta My Head

I can’t really explain it, but I know that it’s there
the connection between us is intense as hell
it’s weird for me to not be able to write how I feel
cause I write so much, I have so many ideas,
but with you doll, it’s hard to put into words
probably cause this situation has never occurred…in my life
…and we’ve known each other for a while,
but this chemistry is foreign, I ain’t gotta fake a smile
I ain’t gotta sneak around, ain’t gotta act all loud
hearin’ “you and me,” yeah, I like how that sounds
and now that I’ve established how I’m feelin’ inside
I gotta taste you again – I wanna lick you dry
haha…I gotta craving that I need fulfilled
if you down, let me know, that’s real
I’m bein’ honest…what more do you want?
straight up and blunt – I’m fiendin’ fo’ yo’ touch and…

baby doll, I can’t get you outta my head
when…will I see you again
I…wanna taste your skin…yeah
baby doll, I can’t get you outta my head
when…will I see you again
I…wanna taste your skin…yeah
even though we consider ourselves just friends

thoughts racin’…tossin’ and turnin’ in bed
tryin’ to figure and damn way to get you outta my head
not that I dislike you bein’ in there
I just don’t know, when I’m gone see you again
you live so far away…and so far today
you’ve derailed my train of thought – I’m disengaged
unfocused…and that ain’t an option for me
cause in my life…I’m far from where I’m wantin’ to be
this is unacceptable GOAT, get a grip, and think
get a hold of yourself – dude, give me another drink
d-d-damn…I can’t stand this much longer
gotta confession to make before this goes any farther…


baby doll…you bad for my health
baby doll…I want you all for myself
baby doll…you always on my mind
baby doll…you gonna be all mine
baby doll…I’m tangled up in ya web
baby doll…we claim that we’re just friends
baby, baby doll…can’t wait to get you home
baby doll…gotta get you alone, eh, yo…

Track Name: Mileage

a long time ago when I bought my first pawnshop guitar
I was deep in thought, pluckin’ strings at the park
pen and pad in my lap, piecin’ poetry together
when you’re that young, you constantly search for stormy weather
then a man walked up with a face like leather
dark, wrinkled skin that was rooted from within
you could tell that he spent his whole lifetime strugglin’
eyes were bloodshot from day-to-day hustlin’
smelled the scent of last night’s whisky on his breath
figured he wanted some change, but I didn’t know what to expect
sat down on my tailgate and listened to me sing
half way through my second song, he interrupted me and said boy…

I know you’re young, but I respect yo drive
all you need’s a lil’ mileage and I’ll tell you why
cause wisdom won’t come ‘til you’ve paid your dues,
so get out on the street and stomp yo feet
walk a mile in my shoes
walk a mile in my shoes
walk a mile in my shoes
and once you’ve walked a few miles, you have the right to smile, yeah…

he said, “son, aren’t you supposed to be in school?”
I said, “yeah, but its hard for me to follow their rules”
he asked, “where’d you get that bottle of Beam?” and started laughin’
I stole it that mornin’ from my Daddy’s liquor cabinet
passed it back-n-forth, as I read him some rhymes
strummed a chord progression that I’d like to call mine
he wasn’t too impressed, but he felt the groove
and could see that I was passionate by the way my hands moved
looked me dead in the eye, said talent don’t mean nothin’
if ya think ya know it all, might as well have crutches
no body in this life gets a free meal ticket
so get up off yo ass – go out there and get it


back then, I never really knew what he meant
thought he was a drunk, babblin’ some non-sense
I was just a lost kid, obsessed with a dream
convinced I knew it all, but didn’t know a damn thing
no that I’ve ripped holes in a few pair of shoes
got a couple bruises and some faded tattoos
and several scars that make me who I am
I fully understand what he meant when he said…

Track Name: Lost feat. Young Bleed, Aaron B. Southern, Peezee

in life, there’s no instructional manual and no guide,
so I just hop in my ride and just drive
and when I approach the next intersection
left, right, or straight – those are my only questions
I try not to look back, although I do sometimes
my roots are grounded…planted deep inside
to envision where you’re goin’, you gotta know where you been
to keep that positive vibe around you, hold on to true friends
and I wish I could say that that’s all that you needin’,
but it ain’t, in this journey, there’s not standard procedures
it’s all gamble, no leisure, no cuttin’ slack in this region
random visual seizures, can’t get mad, just get even
I’m breakin’ ground ‘til I’m leavin’, no matter what the season
the reason…I’ve gone too far to be seated
been a decade plus and runnin’, still ain’t made no money,
but I’m in top gear, and I know my time is coming!

I don’t know where I’m goin’,
…but hopefully
I’ll dig my way outta this depression
the truth will set me free
I don’t know where I’m goin’,
I’m…lost in lies
and I can’t find the time to live my life…
Track Name: Cleansed In Dirt

trust me…I wanna be free,
but I haven’t…quite…figured out how to be
trust me…I wanna be free,
but I haven’t…quite…figured out how to be

I’ve tried…to see…the world the way you see it
there’s a big ball of guilt – there’s a big ball of guilt
but vertigo leaves my vision blurred and tainted
there’s a big ball of guilt built – there’s a big ball of guilt built
…I thrive on obsession – it is no secret
there’s a big ball of guilt built up – there’s a big ball of guilt built up
while my imbalance leaves my head full, but I’m still speechless
there’s a big ball of guilt built up in – there’s a big ball of guilt built up in
…these addictive manic episodes’ll be the death of me
there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my – there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my
like a fiend I’m needing, like a fiend I’m needing, like a fiend I’m needing the needle of negativity
there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my chest - there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my chest

I’ve tried to kill it with pills, I’ve tried to drown it by drinkin’
both of those routes failed, what the hell was a thinkin’
I’m an educated man – I know it hurts
when you try to flirt with the pain, but instead, you make it worse
main course was depression cleansed in dirt
hesitate for a second – have remorse for dessert
don’t forget about…that appetizer of guilt
that started this mess – a past filled with filth
and I’ve begged for forgiveness to diminish my sins
and I’ve pledged to have my blemishes be finished within,
but that don’t erase the places I know I have been
at the end of an amazing graceful race, I’ll find
myself there again, interrogating friends
with a pad and a pen and a bottle of gin,
which is my next of kin, taking it on the chin
knowing I can’t, but pretending I can win
I give in…I think they call that compromising
a trend in relationships – I call it lying
make-believing you’re happy with your life,
but inside…you’re on a steady decline
not too below the surface, you’re runnin’ behind
chasin’ truth like it’s an object that YOU have designed
in a mind-numbing project, your roots are alive
with Robert Johnson in the deck, the blues have revived
something that you love…from something that you hate
debate it all you want…I know that it’s fake
an illusion of a memory you didn’t enjoy
now that it’s in the past, you wanna play with it like a toy
never happy in the moment, but remembering it as perfect
the very thought of it…makes me shaky, anxious, and nervous
…the conclusion I’ve come to
it’s better to fake happiness than to try to resolve your issues
…so instead of being an actor with surprises,
…I’ve become a master of disguises
Fade Out…so instead of being an actor with surprises,
…I’ve become a master of disguises
…so instead of being an actor with surprises,
…I’ve become a master of disguises
…so instead of being an actor with surprises,
…I’ve become a master of disguises
…so instead of being an actor with surprises,
…I’ve become a master of disguises

there’s a deep dark part of me that’s been buried in a hole
Lord knows that I’ve tried to let it go
the more I try to repress, the more it tries to progress
the less attention I give it, the more it grows
there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my chest
there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my chest
there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my chest
there’s a big ball of guilt built up in my chest
trust me…I wanna be free,
but I haven’t…quite…figured out how to be
there’s a deep dark part of me that’s been buried in a hole
Lord knows that I’ve tried to let it go
trust me…I wanna be free,
but I haven’t…quite…figured out how to be
the more I try to repress, the more it tries to progress
the less attention I give it, the more it grows
Track Name: The Wrong Road feat. Jacknife

I observed it from a distance, but never got close
I didn’t dare to analyze situations that arose
everyone around them knew they veered down the wrong road,
but those rose-colored glasses blur ya vision fa sho
…from the moment they were introduced,
a dangerous chemical cocktail was produced
they dove in head first – no lookin’ back
livin’ in the moment like nothin’ could knock ‘em off track
and that same lack of fear is what led ‘em to a place
filled with an uncontrollable lust for pain
once you open that door, there is no escape
ya can’t erase those cravings, its embedded in your taste
young and dumb, with an obsession for extremes
to the point that they would push boundaries ‘til they would bleed
sadomasochistic – biting instead of kissing
if it peaked their interest, they did it…
the pollution of the purity of that adolescent love
flipped the needle of their moral compass more than once
that magnetism was euphoric to them, but in the end
it transformed into something they couldn’t comprehend
feeding affliction, nursing an addiction
a ravenous urge that distorted daily decisions
their intimate appetites would never be the same
that trait was unleashed and it could never be tamed

doomed from the start, inhibitions put on hold
the path that they chose was the wrong road
they never thought twice about the cage of pain
shackled to their sins, self-inflicted slaves
their souls sold before they knew they were for sale
bounded to a sick, twisted, perverted hell
now as his box is being blanketed by the shovel
the fork unfolded by the silver-tongued devil

it was like watchin’ the nastiness of oil infect
a glass of purified water – what do you expect
you can’t ever get it clean, can’t wash away those things
the original sin became an animalistic instinct
so they rationalized it…as long as they could
and figured if they stayed honest, it’d be all good
experimenting with others to bring excitement back
instead it…ripped and broke their bond in half
they tried to back track – it was too late
the damage was irreversible and filled with unforgivable mistakes
they’d already been exposed to a dark underworld
where the disturbed need for dominance persistently poured
where guilt and shame overshadowed innocence
where power exchange was braided into compulsiveness
where…erotic rage was now their norm
and paraphilia…was like a well-needed storm


little did they know, this relationship would affect the rest of their life
it poisoned many connections, couldn’t tell wrong from right
couldn’t tell love from lust, dishonesty from trust
plus their grip on normalcy was so outta touch
after they split, she quickly became a mystery
I stayed close to him cause we had history
I witnessed him evolve from a good dude to a fetish fanatic
he would scheme on women – he made it seem attractive
portrayin’ himself as prey – it was a poorly painted portrait
playin’ ladies like a game, they had no option to forfeit
pursued ‘em like a predator in a non-chalant way
had the charm and the character – so suave
like a dealer, he’d lure them and once they got hooked
they became a loyal slave in his little black book
self-control out the door – the yearning couldn’t be ignored
he could never be fully satisfied, he always wanted more
in the process, he fell into a self-destructive phase
cause he felt that there was no way he’d ever be saved
the hallucinogens he ingested helped him see so much cleared
he finally admitted that there was a hideous monster in the mirror
what he saw in that reflection was something he would grow to hate
his disease would never allow him the healthy capacity to date
he withdrew and dove into an intense study of religion
in preparation to wipe his slate clean – an ablutionary baptism
his parents were proud, as the priest ducked him down, to put his past to rest,
but he never came up, liquid filled up his lungs, as he took his last breath
Track Name: Highest Low

you gotta face it…some folks highlight hatred
‘stead of steppin’ up the stairs, they stuck in the basement
hatin’, waitin’ for somebody to give their life a facelift
…knowin’ damn well that ain’t gone happen
they complain ‘bout how their little world was blackened
in reality…they’re the ones that lost the traction
on the road to success—blamin’ others for regrets
you gamblin’…and you the one that lost the bet
well it’s in your court…YOU dropped the ball
hell, you failed to pick it up so you destined to fall dog
and that ain’t me main—I’m fightin’ to breathe
the Lady of Death came for me twice, but I ain’t leavin'
I’m here for a reason, I see sin and please Him
I will stand strong as long as I’m still breathin’
…grasp absolute truth through all seasons
no gain without pain, so stab me—I’m bleedin’

how low will you go…
to get as high as you can be?

I woke down, not up, which is usually the case
eyes open, already hustlin’, runnin’ life’s race
gotta do this, gotta do that cause life don’t stop
for you to catch up, with your luck, you do dirt, you get caught
watch…one thing after another, you’re smothered
death comes in threes…first your homie, now your grandmother
you’re guessin’ one more’s on the way—you strugglin’
hope for the best, but expect that the worst is comin’
karma’s catchin’ up with me…my past is resurfacing
and I must confess the stress is almost leaving me grieving
the next person that pushes me must be craving a beating
having visions of negativity—leaving them bleeding
still I take a deep breath, focus on the next step
keep my head to the sky and my eyes on the prize
and when I remember I gotta crib…and food in the fridge
I paint a smile on my face and continue to live—that’s real…

Track Name: 2nd Half

every mornin’ I wake up and open my eyes
hopin’ that someone will be layin’ by my side
wrapped in my arms, tangled up in my body
feelin’ the warmth of my skin, makin’ life worth living,
but there’s no queen filling this king-sized bed
I’m patiently awaiting to meet my princess
I ain’t afraid to admit it – I know I’m sensitive
there’s multiple sides to everyone, visible or hidden
I don’t hide much – I try to be as honest as I can
Truth is in my name…and I live by my own hands,
…but they’re empty, they long to be filled
it’s simple – all I want is someone who truly cares
one who doesn’t let jealousy take over their realm
one who loves unconditionally – someone who’s real
I know you’re out there…just know you will be found
or rediscovered…it’s just not our time right now

my 2nd half’s missing…am I meant to be, uncomplete?
I’m torn down and broken, will you help me to me feet?
where is my angel to fly me away?
from this life I’m drownin’ in…this hole full of rain
my 2nd half’s missing…am I meant to be, uncomplete?
I’m torn down and broken, will you help me to me feet?
where is my angel to fly me away?
from this life I’m drownin’ in…this hole full of rain…

it’s really depressing cause I know I’ll be a man
that fulfills a certain woman’s dreams in every way I can
I just need someone to care for, someone to look over
someone to be my girl, so I can twirl they world
no matter what happens, we’ll be by each other’s side
from now ‘til death…and in the after-life
let me touch your face…and I’ll wrap you in my heart
then the only one that can break you free is yourself
then I’ll know who owns me, I’ll know who really frees me
I’ll know who is the missin’ half of the puzzle in me
that’s it – that’s all I want – is that too much for me to ask?
if it is, tell me God, it’ll be a part of the past,
but I would love to inhale the essence of one’s presence
I’d acknowledge that it is a lesson and a blessin’
for my lungs to be filled with the aroma of their aura
with all 6 senses, I would thoroughly explore ‘em


I gotta find the perfect woman for me
I need for her to be the piece that makes me complete
I gotta find the perfect woman for me
I need for her to be the piece that makes me complete

Track Name: These People feat. Imaginary Friends

it’s a Thursday night and I gotta work tomorrow
had a bad day, tryin’ to drink away my sorrows
runnin’ late by mistake, but I can’t cancel
if you rock it like me, you always got your hands full
bottle in my left hand, shot of Crown in my right
both feet wobbley, guzzlin’ the Bud Light
put the mic on the stand – stumbled off the stage
then I heard a pretty young thing say – “HEY!”
I loved 2nd Half – that song was so sweet
can I please buy you and three6t a drink?
how ‘bout you buy me 2 cause girl, I gotta have it
support my music through my alcohol habit

these people don't know me, but they keep buyin' me shots
these people wanna tell me how my crew just blew up the spot
it's impolite to turn 'em down, but I know I should stop
these people don't know me, but they keep buyin' me shots

get me as drunk as they can – think I’m 21 again
I was on my 12th step man – my sponsor’s disappointed, damn…
Track Name: Slow Down

we always in a hurry to get where we goin’
‘til somethin’ slows us down and keeps us from glowin’
prevents us from showin’-n-tellin’, inhalin’, exhalin’
watch yo ass or you’ll be beggin’ someone to bail you outta jail, man…
hey…that’s how it usually goes down
walk, jog, run, trip…face down on the ground
wake up and smell the concrete…
why kids gettin’ high huffin’ freon—the answer is beyond me,
but the question rings oh, so clear
I worry about my speed-freak friends, while I’m guzzlin’ a beer
yeah…and then I have a real disturbing realization…
everyone’s addicted to somethin’—ain’t they—face it…
it’s the truth and that’s all I’ll speak
absolute truth, that is, G-O-A-to the T
it’s plain to see…some things are beyond reach
speak up, enounce clearly ‘stead of blurrin’ your speech—take it slow…

wake up and smell the concrete…everyone’s addicted
wake up and smell the concrete…everyone’s addicted to somethin’, ain’t they?

I’ve got more than 1 scar on my face from stupid mistakes
even had to have plastic surgery—stitches didn’t seal my case
and after that, I still take 5 shots of Patron
in a row and not think twice before I drive home alone
at 25 years old—my doc’s tellin’ me—it’s real
got blood work done—liver levels high—I need to chill
at this rate—tolerance steep—could drink a river
in 10 years, my liver’ll be shriveled from liquor
I betta slow down…and take time to smell
some of the agriculture…maybe we’ll live to tell
a lil somethin’ to our children…or maybe someone else’s
make specific distinctions ‘tween Heaven, Earth, and Hell
we gotta fucked-up focus—all ‘bout money,
but what can I say? hunger pains in my tummy
it’s funny…not really—reality sucks
well when you’re not livin’ it right, it sure does

fucked-up focus…I need to chill…tolerance is steep…could drink a river
fucked-up focus…I need to chill…all about money

ay, do me a favor…at least once a day
tell your blood you love ‘em and say it straight to their face
or even through an email, text message, or phone call
death creeps closer every breath…there’s no stalls,
but honestly, I don’t know what I’m preachin’
I betta listen to myself, hell, I’m my own teacher
and you’re your own teacher too…
no body listens to one another, we all seekin’ our own food
we hungry—in this heat, its cold dude
I ain’t say shit, but I told you—shoooot…
and best believe I’ll tell you again
follow your gut feeling and stay close to your kin—slow your roll main…

I ain’t say shit, dude, but I told you…shoot
Track Name: Damn Near On Empty

you ain’t gotta dig too deep to find dirt on me
and if you look real close, you’ll see the mud on my sleeves
I’ve been truckin’ along down this dusty road
singin’ these songs, hopin’ I can get back home,
but I’m damn near on empty

I have a huge problem askin’ other people for help
so I end up tryin’ to take on everything by myself
feel like the world’s against me, hope it’s just in my head
grippin’ the rope of sanity, but hangin’ on by a thread
and if my body is a vehicle for my soul
feel like I can’t make the payments, ‘bout to be repoed
and my tires are worn, interior’s torn
so when my lease is up, I’m afraid that I’ll owe more
that I’m worth and it hurts, could be a curse
so I repel the hella negativity through verse
‘bout outta gas, but I can’t stop
cruisin’ in neutral with the A/C off
sweat’s pourin’ in this Texas heat – could be a flood
made need a pull if I get stuck in the mud
weavin’ in and out of life’s lanes, swervin’ at times
if I get pulled over, sure as hell ain’t walkin’ the line


I usually roll with the punches, but my inspection is out
my engine needs a tune-up, gotta take another route
feelin’ broke down, slowly coastin’ ‘round town
even catch myself complain’ – “your system’s too loud”
I should shut my mouth – feelin’ lost because
I sure as hell ain’t the man that I used to was
’08 was rough – it overflowed to ‘09
to my surprise, multiple medical problems arised
had a headache for 8 months, finally broke down
went to see the doc to get it checked out
probably from stress – maybe from anxiety
did a scan anyways to put my mind at ease
unexpectedly found a lesion on my lobe
referred me to a surgeon, nerves are about to explode
is it AIDS or a tumor – is it plaque from MS?
is it cancer…that’s spread from somewhere else?
MRIs, blood work, co-pays, and consultations
deductibles, yeah, losin’ patience as a patient
not to mention the spinal tap and its side effects
feelin’ like a pin cushion – depressed and stressed
like a tiny pebble popped up, put a crack in my window
my Papa’s at Charlton, so I’m keepin’ it from my kinfolk
pills for the pain, bills pilin’ up
don’t get paid for another month, still won’t have enough
plus paranoia’s gettin’ the best of me
been 2 break-ins in my neighborhood since last week
and the rumor is – one of them ended in sexual assault
ain’t no runnin’ from it, makin’ me sick to my stomach
every time I leave my lady at home alone
havin’ visions of men breakin’ in…and you know
last night both of our cars were broken into
talkin’ to cops is the last thing that I want to do
finally got an alarm installed in the crib
and bought a Sig 9 and some hollow-points to keep by the bed
prayin’ to God I don’t ever have to pull the trigger,
but best believe I will if there’s ever an intruder
haven’t slept well lately – regardless of this
between teaching and the studio, I’m workin’ double-shifts
gotta maintain relationships with family and friends,
but when you’re runnin’ on fumes, you’ve got nothin’ left to give
my loved ones are sayin’ I should see a shrink – wait…
I don’t see the point in that when I can self-medicate
I vent through music to get it off my chest,
but I do realize that I’m blessed…
took a few wrong turns, but that’s how we learn
when you smell the oil burnin’, gotta refuel the furnace
It’s imperative that I restore positive habits
create art with love and watch it blossom into magic
I’ve whined in the past ‘bout the holes in my shoes
‘til I met a man with no feet, gotta lot more to lose
paid my dues – been through plenty
gone from a full tank to damn near on empty

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