We Rise Up (Underground 2011 Cypher)

by ArtLoveMagic



1 song. Over 14 musicians of various genres. A massive collaboration for a single purpose...to rise up and unite for UNDERGROUND 2011. A new creation that will be performed once. Ever.

This huge collabo was put into motion by Justin "GOAT" Griffith of The Intelligent South and David Rodriguez of ArtLoveMagic. It was created specifically for Underground 2011 and includes representatives of all the groups performing at the show.

The lyrics focus on encouraging artists of any medium to take charge of their talents and create opportunities for themselves. As artists, we cannot rely on anyone, but ourselves to make things happen. A true independent artist's anthem, so to speak.


(Grant Braudrick)
we come...with pride
and the fire...in our eyes
our love...all our strength
we rise up, unite, and together we sing
we come...with pride
and the fire...in our eyes
our love...all our strength
we rise up, unite, and together we sing

it's one love, one city, one people
never no negative, run from the evil
see through the eyes of those with no peace
for a better understanding of those that lose sleep
don't speak when you know you need to just chill
explode on the scene like a BP spill

if we GT still and we speak so well
why we barely scrapin' by to pay these bills?
a starvin' artist with a sufficient deposit
carvin' our own path and crawlin' through hardships
hold up, wait, now pause it...picture this
a tribe that's not afraid to clinch and pump they fists

(JackRabbit James)
move 'em like this - raise your rocks high
like you glad you exist, there's magic in it
we come with pride, full of fire, rise up
and let the madness begin - tonight we healin' sadness and them
afflicted by the baddest of gems,
so I thank God for the passion within

(GOAT, galleryCat, & JackRabbit James)
ain't no body gonna do it for me, so I gotta make moves
if you've ever lended me a hand, I'd like to thank you


(JackRabbit James)
beat, bruised, and bleedin'...starvin' artist
broke through hardships, talent gives these reasons
to show masses what we do when the Masters are gathered...kid, I thought you knew
cut-throat music with the utmost truest group of musicians around
we star-bound...Dallas is ours now

please don't bow down, just gather around
grab the hand of a brother, we gonna never fall down
it's the sound of the Underground breakin' the floor
shatter the roof 'til they yellin' no more
and sore are the hands of those who do work,
but restored by the ones who put the love first

my positivity flirts with inspiration
bring the city back to life - mouth to mouth resuscitation
power to change it - feet to the concrete
gotta embrace it - meet the elite
Art bleeds from my pen, Love beams from within
Magic comes when the Underground unites, it begins



we come together...with pride
this D-town talent just can't be denied
let's come as one...and unite
and make a difference for the rest of our lives



released February 13, 2011
Produced, Arranged, Edited, Mixed, & Mastered by: GOAT
Pre-production: three6t
Recorded by: GOAT & three6t
Chorus Vocals & Slide Guitar: Grant Braudrick
Verse Vocals: galleryCat, GOAT, JackRabbit James
Bridge Vocals: LadyBee of CoLab
Additional Back-up Vocals: Deb Driscoll of ArtLoveMagic, LadyBee of CoLab, GOAT, JackRabbit James
Beat: Hologram Dagger
Percussion: Matt & Chad Cocuzza of Spoonfed Tribe
Vibraphone: Patricia Islas
Guitar: Matt Barron
Bass Guitar: Evan Johnson & Paul Escalante of CoLab


all rights reserved



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