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Sense Abused: FEAR

I wrote the chorus lyrics and melody to this tune several years ago. At the time, it didn't fit any of the projects I was working on, so I just tucked it away. In March of this year, I woke up singing this song and excitedly hit up Double J to start working on the music immediately. Originally we intended on releasing another tune as our 1st single, but the content for this track needed to be published ASAP because of current events. I'm obviously not a thugged out gangster rapper, but guns have been a big part of my life since I was a child. Without hunting, my Dad and I wouldn't have as close of a relationship as we do. This song isn't necessarily a direct political statement; it's simply about protecting myself and my family from harm. I added a small bit of humor in the 2nd verse to lighten the mood, but I'm an extremely careful and responsible gun owner that doesn't take safety lightly.



let me shoot it to you straight and I've said all of this before...before
I would hate to pull the trigger, but if harm is knockin' at my door
an intruder breaks in, you dial 9-1-1
whatchu feel safer with - the telephone or a gun?
got kids in the house and a lady to protect
and it only takes a sec for a lunatic to flip
not comfortable with trustin' my family's fate
to how fast the police can respond to the case
betta pick up the pace, ain't just gonna sit here and wait
and just in case they get here too late

I sleep with a 9 underneath my pillow
got a 12 gauge under my bed,
so don't come in this house unannounced
or there might be lead flyin' at yo' head

in Texas, it's expected you have a weapon,
but if guns murder people, all of mine are defective
around these parts, as far as I can tell
the Castle Doctrine will stay alive and well
love to hit the range, bust off a few rounds
of course, it's a sport, but just in case it goes down
I need a place with 3 safes, a shed full of ammo,
closets filled with camo, on the edge of Midlo and
it's been expunged, so my record is clean
don't point your little judgmental fingers at me
ha...and if the zombie apocalypse comes,
I'm postin' up with my Pops and triple-tappin' for fun


as wrong as it is, not a concern
break in my house, you get put in the dirt
God forbid they end up in a hearse
shoulda thought about that before crossin' the turf
deadly force is a last resort
what choice do I have if it's mine or your's
no price on how much a life is worth
think twice before you deny my words

I would hate to pull the trigger, but if harm is knockin' at my door


in Texas, it's expected you have a weapon
let me shoot it to you straight and I've said all of this before
in Texas, it's expected you have a weapon
I would hate to pull the trigger, but if harm is knockin' at my door


released May 1, 2013
[Justin Richard Griffith: The Intelligent South (ASCAP), Justin Royce Jones: Justin Royce Jones (BMI)]

Produced by Double J & GOAT
Vocals Written & Performed by GOAT
Music Written & Performed by Double J
Electric Guitar Performed by Mike Warren

Mixed & Mastered by Double J

Graphic Design by GOAT & Double J
Photography by Lourdes Mabel

Booking -

Copyright 2013
Published 2013

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Laws.


all rights reserved



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