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by Grades Of Absolute Truth

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This carefully crafted project is an incredibly personal look into GOAT. It displays the array of talent that he possesses to the fullest. From rhyming and singing to playing guitar and piano to engineering and mixing...he shows it all. It is obvious that this artist is, truly, as skilled as he is serious, but don't be fooled. This is no typical hip-hop album. GOAT smears poetic verses into catchy hooks, and laces tracks with melodic instrumentation to push the boundary of genre. Now it's up to you to check it out.


released August 26, 2006

Executive Producer: GOAT

All Songs Arranged, Produced, Recorded, Engineered, Edited, and Mixed by Justin "GOAT" Griffith @ The Crib
(except "but it's COOL" mixed by J. Griffith and J. Boyce)

Mastered by Adam Epstein at Goodnight Audio

Graphic Design by Kyle Craig

Cuts on Tracks 1, 2, 7, 9 by dj three6t

Traycard Photo by: Undevco.com 2006

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Copyright 2004 Justin Griffith
Published 2006 J R Griffith Music Publishing

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Laws.



all rights reserved



Grades Of Absolute Truth Dallas


Self-Help Soulful Indie Writer

Illegitimate Child of Promiscuous Genres

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Track Name: CC Intro
Party Atmosphere
Track Name: Count Me N

when there’s alcohol involved—count me in
check list—Crown, Coke—count me in
1 shot might solve your problem
or make it worse—THE DRAMA’S UNFOLDIN’

stop…BAAAAA…what’s that sound?
dog, it’s GOAT, where the hell’s the Crown?
time to tilt the bottle up, no need for a cup
there’s a handle on this 1.75th, I’m drinkin’ til I throw up
on a strictly liquid diet
til I can’t even lift up my eyelids
hello, my name is Justin and I have a drinking problem
got 2 hands and just 1 mouth and I’m about out
ay, ay, so pass yo bottle around
don’t be skeered, man you should have no fear
I’m here and ready for another shot—cheers
…there ain’t a single tear in my beer and I am here
to kick it, have fun, and just chill
it’s cool, go ahead, put it on my tab
what, damn it’s 10, it’s already maxed out?
that’s my Mastercard-right, well here’s my Visa


it’s golden like Tequila shots
Jose Cuervo, Patron—whatever you got
a harmless lick, a little salt and lime and I’m fine
I’m healthy—efficient sufficient nutrition
get everything I need from gettin’ twisted
Fruit group—overload with 99 Bananas
Wild Turkey’s protein, gettin’ me obnoxious and damaged
Dairy—White Russian’s Royally Fuckin’ me main
we so concerned with weight, Atkins abolished Grains
gotta confession to make, I need my Chocolate Cake
a girl turned me on to it—Jodi’s to blame
can’t escape sex when alcohol’s involved
I’m So Co, So Comfortable
especially with Alligators when I’m on the Beach
I’ve reached peaks, no secret, hell GOAT’s a freak
Dos Equis, naw, I’m rated triple X
Gran Ma, Buttery Nipples, yeah, guess what’s next
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may actually cause pregnancy…


I kicked Jill down the hill; it’s now Jack and Jim
in every bar, at least you know you got 2 true friends
hey girl, wanna shot of Jäger, a favor
you can get me back later
Red Headed Sluts buy Orgasms and give Velvet Kisses
I’m envisionin’ Pink Silk Panties, I’m trippin’
bartender, what time is it—it’s 1:51
well, give me a shot of the time, I’m Coked up
on Crown, and Jacked up, faded, but still Beamin’
Aftershock has got me cocked hot—still steamin’
I’m dirty…like Sage…an animal out the cage
when I’m drankin’, I’m thinkin’ insane

Track Name: Hollowed LUV

once a chain so solid, it could take anything
now rusted, decayed, with weak and missing links
we’ve fallin’ apart like I knew we wouldn’t have
now that we’ve broken, what can I do now,
but move on and push forward instead of pullin’ back
I know I got issues with tryin’ to hold on to the past
yall know that, yall know me, I’m me around yall
yall’ve been there through it all, when I’m standin’ tall and when I fall,
but what happened to lookin’ up when we feel like lookin’ down
and when we feel we’re in the ground, what happened to cursin’ out loud
knowin’ weather can’t destroy us—no matter what the price
time branched out our lives, life altered our sights
and some had to resort to hate because of insufficient funds
like The Prodical Absentee, unlogical ways to breathe
too huge of a bond to take at too young of an age
immature battles straddled us—shoulda known we’d eventually break

now when we feel like lookin’ down—we do
and when we search for the truth, we come up with nothin’, but lies
disguised by clouded minds, forgot to say our good-byes
the winds of time froze the rain to ice, the price was too high

we’ve got no choice—we’ve gotta watch it fade,
but we unraveled in a way that raised a question—was it fake
I guess it was with some, but who am I to judge anyone
relation-ships wreck suddenly abrupt
Harmony was dissonant, but 10 other melodies existed
til 1’s epiphany on K—she became a Christian,
couples separated, others formed—some within the circle, some not
either way—shit got all fucked up
1 wrote a note to another that smothered their link
did I mention the effect SPEED had on we
then 2 got into it over another 1 night
a drunken brawl in the rain in 2 other’s parkin’ lot
what a soap opera, but 6 of 11 still kick it
oh well, that’s life—this shit’s ridiculous
so I’m throwin’ love to those that are here
no hate to the ones that ain’t,
but to both groups here or not
the real shit never breaks

CHORUS—jam out
Track Name: Toxic Tears feat. Karla Chisholm

I promise my tears are toxic so don’t taste
there inflicted by the absence of society’s embrace
I’m sure I just emptied my trash yesterday
now it’s overflowin’ wit tissue, I wish you
would be here to clear fear, help me make it through this
all this pain would fade away with 1 kiss
your lips I cherish—please don’t blush, don’t be embarrassed
conformity—not an option, my pen has been my only friend

I don’t know why I can’t tell Hell from Heaven
when I look up in the sky and wonder why I can’t smell my reflection

invisible boundaries found me, I’m drowning within myself
so throw me a life preserver, I’m almost out of breath,
but to hell with it, I can’t quit it’s gotten a grip of me
I’m diligently, slowly drifting from reality
a fallacy—taking over closure blinding eyes
can’t see, but believe, I’ll be intellectually perceived
feelin’ red when things are green—there’s no yellow to ever warn me
YIELD 80 PROOF TRUTH is ruthlessly comin’
I’m runnin’, sprintin’, hittin’, never missin’—dead on
gotta pessimistic positive vibe intertwined in my dome
I’ve thrown too many things away, experienced pain and I know
it might be wrong, but I think it’s best to be left with less—life is so
overwhelming, hell will melt me—stress’ll be the death of me
compulsively obsessive, misplacin’ happiness’ recipe
worry is the darkroom, in which negatives can develop…
and my pain is exposed

as I step to the edge—I say and I pray
Lord, help me rise above this tide—I feel I can’t
oh, I feel I can’t…no…

I see you swimmin’ in my eyes—don’t drown
you’re divin’ into a pool of blue polluted by a golden crown
that surrounds the deepest, darkest part of me—PITCH BLACK
near is white laced with red, representing tears shed
inflicted by confusion, frustration, and fear
the same emotions approachin’ me daily, rarely cleared
prepared, a trait that I hold very dear,
but at the same time a trait that I can’t seem to grab
and I taste no salt, just intense flavors of Lavender
I’ve tripped into a hallway I didn’t mean to open up
all loss, nothing gained, tears drop, liquid pain
recycled silver tears get smeared into my soul
what we do in life echoes in eternity—I’ve heard,
but I ain’t feelin’ Bible revisions—interpretations inferred,
but I know a lotta kneelin’ keeps me in good standin’
I gotta have hope my Uncle Bill’s straight chillin’ in Heaven




the only thing stopping me is a thought of the past
I had a talk with my Mother when a straw had cracked my back
and…as she cried hysterically, she asked how I could be so selfish
suicide affects everyone that loves you—and that idea stayed with me
and she saved me, but still the thought pierces frequently,
but thank you Mother, I love you ‘til the end of my days…
…eh, eh…yall know time’s passin’—right? fast-like
we ain’t got no time to be negative and dwell in the dark
stayin’ busy helps me—
you just gotta push yourself to have fun every once in a while
Track Name: Gettin' Things Done feat. WORD SL

I’m in a hurry dawg…I gotta get it done
I gotta get it how I live it—life has just begun
I gotta get it now…I gotta get it right
I gotta spend it, no pretendin’, life begins tonight

time and fate wait for no man
so I’m hustlin’ to get with the program
I’m fully focused like 50, even if you’re sprintin’, can’t catch me
I got my eye on the prize and I’m comin’ for mine
how am I feelin’—feelin’ fine, tryin’ to live so I can die
and I ain’t gettin’ younger, workin’ to quench my hunger
so move dude…go on and get outta my lane
yeah, I’m flyin’ by like time and, guess what, you’re in my way
I’m gri-may, if the sitiation calls fer it
try me—you’ll get both sets of lips ripped
motivated and OCD, anal-retentive, a different breed,
to be completely honest, I’m a weirdo main, I ain’t playin’
gotta be active at all times
attemptin’ to make a dozen of me worth more than a dime
and you’re right, I might die tryin’ to gain green,
but to hell with money if I’m happy, hey, I’m in a hurry


cash and fame is what’s destined for me (WORD SL)
I’m supposed to be on a level that I’ve yet to see
WORD and GOAT at it again—we focused main
the sun gonna always shine after the rain
so much pain and time was spent on this
I’ve watched people come and laugh when they went
I’ve been stabbed in the back cause I know that I’m sick
I can see you’re 2-faced like Harvey Dent
there’s no stoppin’ this, metaphor metropolis
shockin’—like seein’ saggy granma tits
I’m speedin’ in directions that I’m unsure of
all I want is prosperity for what I love


hell I know why I handle my business cause minutes
pass fast whether you own a Fossil or Rolex

I already know this—watch me get cash bundles (WORD SL)
my heart’s on the grind and my mind’s on the hustle

we both got tunnel-vision, both so damn persistent,
both mostly see clearly when the bread is present

both got lyricism, ginsu knife precision, (WORD SL)
eat through the competition just like cannibalism

we both broke from payin’ our dues
and if it’s crowded main, you better make some room
once our foot’s in the door, it’s 4th and inches
we gonna kick that bitch off the fuckin’ hinges

Track Name: Cranium Infection feat. M.D.

cranium infection, always leave you guessin’
stressed out…
confidence protected, mirrors—no reflections
havin’ trouble feelin’ comfortable

my comfort levels are weak—yeah turn ‘em up
whoa—hold on, they’re peakin’, that’s way too much
the only person I can hang comfortably around is me
and I still get on my nerves—c…c…constantly
with bottles as crutches, I feel I’m worth something
it’s proof—strong and clear, it drowns all my fear
bottoms up…asses and cups
go ahead, pour the beer—cheers—for what
oh yeah—in America, you feel better about yourself
if you have an excuse for gettin’ drunk as hell
it’s his birthday, I had a test today—I made an A
I got an F—it’s all the same—party for pleasure or pain
as if I know the difference…they’re equivalent to me
I lust both…I sweat smiles when I bleed
so all in—yall proceed to be free
in any way you can…and do it frequently


cranium infections consume my mind, body, and soul (M.D.)
about to go postal and I’m only 23 years old
all these substances are causing my existence to implode
on the outside watchin’ the light that guides my soul unfold
into this grand story that will never be told
let’s begin this journey—alright, I’m ready to roll,
but without a vision, how am I going to know where to go
it’s Maty Dosia—didn’t you know
the 1 with the lyrical flow,
but impossible without the consumption of all this alcohol
yo Matt, pull out the baseball bat—alright I’ll get this bitch lit
start crackin’ domes and that’s it, I can’t take this shit
with a monkey on my back, tryin’ to slang another sac,
in fact, fuck that, I’m bringin’ it back,
and these infections better accept that—I’m gone…
…but I got 3 more bars to kill before I eat the 4th part of the pill
…entirely too fucked up to realize the real deal


when you’re stressed out, it seems you’d be better at ease
if you broke down and fell to your knees
and prayed to the good Lord, but instead
you’re down prayin’ to the porcelain—you gotta achin’ head
hopin’ you don’t drown, grippin’ that white life preserver
thought you got found, then you tripped, feelin’ like your life is over
tried to hold composure, yeah, yo it’s co sure,
but the public knows that you’re co-dependent on the alcohol,
but, hey, yo, you can’t cope—give in to the home-grown ‘dro
you so, so, so—ho, ho, hopeless
here’s your song—can relate, now you’ve found a new escape…
music…it’s here, why don’t you use it

Track Name: Ya'll Cant Touch Me feat. Mike Q, WORD SL

under any circumstance—I climb the steps
I adapt when necessary and end up with the best
outcome—what—huh—you 2nd guessin’ me
my recipes’ll leave you feelin’ deceived
ask anyone that knows me—I do what I say
you want it done, give it to me cause GOAT don’t play
jot a thought on my list and it’ll get marked out
I’m in control of consciousness—I’ve chosin’ my route
and you…only think that you’re better than me
cause I let you, but you don’t realize or see
I’m lookin’ down at you through YOUR glass ceiling
wavin’, smilin’, thrivin’, comin’ at you so wild and
I know you’re tryin’ your best, but still
your maximum’s below my minimum—man get real
try to do what I do, dog, you can’t do it
you stupid, you screwed it all up—you too foolish

do you know—why I’m here
if you don’t—I don’t care
cause I know that—I’ll succeed
yall can’t touch me

I drop hits like Derrick Brooks…players have to retire (WORD SL)
smash your face like Kanye…and spit through a wire
I’m Dallas’ best—I don’t care what none of yall say
my style is phat…like the ass on Beyonce
ain’t nothin’ touchin’ this, I don’t need your vote
because I punch lines like beatin’ a bag of Coke
tryin’ to test SL…there is no hope
you’re fucked…like an inmate droppin’ the soap
I’m one of the dopest, oh, you don’t think so
there’s a crack-head on the floor tryin’ to snort my toes
you comin’ at me…you don’t stand a chance
like little white boys in Michael Jackson’s bed
I’m like Eazy-E, I keep my records Ruthless
you tryin’ to touch this…I’m beatin’ ya toothless
I’m the nicest—unplug your mic devices
when I spit that shit…I cause a crisis


go ahead and doubt me—you’re just feedin’ the flames
at the end of the game, we’ll see who still remains
you wanna talk technicalities—please
you can’t even spark spirituality, you’re full of fallacies
I’m bringin’ with me a cavalry to conquer every rivalry
my crew’s diverse like a galaxy, we practically
buildin’ a monopoly on the music scene—we crucially harsh
flip, split through segments, drivin’ pens through your heart
my whole life I’ve lived in a bottle, never speakin’ what I think
it’s time to let go, explode, and let frustration leak
creativity is nothin’ without structure—we’ve got both…
so anticipate a puncture to your jugular
we’re breakin’ ya down with no delay
indeed we feed off non-sense you speak, I’m enterin’ through your veins
like heroin, I’m scarin’ ‘em into awkward situations
with precision, I’ll cause conscious collisions and friction
without physically touchin’ them—they’re struck down by the sword of my words
lyricism runs thick in my blood—we bringin’ it raw
don’t retort—there’ll be no strikin’ back
when we come, we comin’ hard—cerebral nucs when we attack
we droppin’ bombs, I’d tell you to be calm, but there’s no use
no abuse—strictly slaughter, ropin’ the world up in a noose
no truces, no white flags—we’ve passed that phase
22 years old, but a year in every day
meanin’ I pay attention to life 365 times fold
than any other of you suckers…wisdom ain’t sold
I’ll leave this verse as a half cadence—what—you missin’ the I chord
I’m unpredictable—you can’t silence my words—I’ll be heard
Track Name: Vertical Horizons

on my porch, alone, reminiscin’ my past days
I can’t let go of memories or I’ll fade away
I’m frantically searchin’ for somethin’ that doesn’t exist
I’m a manic…depressants got me stuck in this abyss
things to come up and things to come back down
roller coasters, it’s holdin’ me hostage, can’t make a sound
I’m bound to drown…my feet weighed down by chains
I’m maimed…broken, left in my self-inflicted cage
lightning strikes, but…what can you do, but dodge it
fights heighten…life frightens me—what would you do,
but grit yo teeth, concentrate, slay hate, and play the game
2 prophets once told me my focus equals my fate
believe ‘em…angels swarm around me like an angry mob
ready to lynch the demons that are throbbin’ to rob me
of purity, security, they’re luring me, it’s destiny
just let me be myself, wait, stop…I’ve forgotten who I am

and I try to fight it, but it keeps me down
and my mind disguises surprises
and I try to find it, but it can’t be found
the lie…it hides it

horizontal and vertical horizons…I’ve faced ‘em both
they got me down at 1st, but I’ve managed to soak
intentions in purity, counteracting insecurity
vision’s precision caused me to shut up and listen
well now it’s your turn to shut the hell up and pay attention
make a change a day, it’s plain, but worth grippin’
get a hold of yourself, continue questionin’ evictions
Biblical lessons threatened by man-made religion
it’s a given I’m driven by non-fiction
and I’m about to clear out doubt and veer off routes and keep on livin’
I’m finished…dwellin’ in a physical prison
I’m sick of this talk with no walk—complete a sentence
when your back’s against the wall…square up and squab
left jab, right hook, drop your struggles to the floor
time is needed…if it’s written, I’ll read it
if there’s no gain without pain…then stab me—I’m bleedin’
grab heat, I’m steamin’, I’m hungry…so damn it I’m eatin’
my conscience is screamin’ at me to follow my dreams and
I’m doin’ it…how ‘bout you…
GOAT—acronym…Grades Of Absolute Truth…

Track Name: Mental Noise feat. Kewal

mental noise……and we was just little boys (Kewal)
we would even eat the dirt…because we so loved Mother Earth
we’d even look up at the sky, sometimes askin’ why
I could see the green mountain tip…
and this morning I wake up to the green grass blade gettin’ its throat slit
I look up and I look down…I meditate beyond this ground
mental noise…no longer are we just little boys
in fact, I wanna go back…back…back…back
back beyond those beautiful sun-rays that would break through the fray
I wanna go out into the field where I would eat honey-suckles…and feel the real
I love this life…and I get so tired of this bullshit strife
I wanna go back beyond…back beyond this noise…this noise…
this noise is a hell…it’s a hell I know very well
so many doubts…have caused me to roll…scream…shout

there is 1 message that I can convey……it’s the truth
I don’t have to turn on no T.V. …I don’t have to turn on no radio, see…
I already know…the news—ain’t no news to me…
I was born free…I am free…I am the……
Track Name: Issues feat. Kewal, IZK, Dtox, Oni

expressin’ so many lessons and unchained vocal blessings (Kewal)
will I cower at the battle now or hesitate at the final hour

I apologize for all the times I couldn’t be there (IZK)
and even the times I was—well I wasn’t prepared
to say the things that plague my dreams and I woke up with a hang-over
the risk is such a high stake…and I’m not the one to play poker
I’ve stayed sober, but I always seem to slip back into the pattern of
whatever makes me happy most…I hate that I can’t have enough
to fulfill, so I fill my cup til it’s full, still I throw it up
smoke a blunt to calm my nervous systematic erratic actions
I fight to be at peace, but can’t win by this rational
and how can I save my soul and play the role on stage when I’m acting out
I stand around, a lack of smiles with hand-me-downs, and a glass of Crown
so cheers to all the Vietnam Vets without arms to salute with,
having better reason to be drinking rather than my problematic solutions
you’ve been gone for too long…I’ve moved on to a new song
who’s wrong—who’s right, who cares—well I might…
not make it through tonight—despite the despair

issues restrict you in igloos of time (1st time: Dtox, 2nd: IZK, 3rd: GOAT)
thoughts golden, but frozen, it’s blowin’ my mind
dreams shattered and scattered, don’t matter cause I’m
passed thinkin’, I’m sinkin’, but drinkin’—I’m fine

and I know that you can’t see what I feel
and I know that you won’t wait until I heal
so today…I gotta work towards tomorrow—
gotta let go…gotta let go…

sentimental issues’ll split you right down the center
internal scissors’ll shred you like sheets of paper
fatal—only to be continued, nature licks you up your middle
detrimental kisses stick in you just like a splinter
mental tweezers never pluck clues outta my head
brain-dead from all this B.S. I’m constantly fed,
but I know I’m not alone and I can flow into my zone
hittin’ this bottle full-throttle and I can go until I’m blown, I’ve been told
that I should slow down, but at this point I’ve zoned out—
asleep at the wheel…feelin’ no guilt now
no Coke—all Crown, little sight—no sound
depression’s walls’re cavin’ in—last choice is the ground
I’m divin’ in head 1st into the seas of sorrow
and I’m beggin’ you all—please don’t follow
it’s shallow and Lord knows I’ve drove down wrong roads
evil wants me to hold on, but I gotta let go…man these…



takin’ shots of Holy Water with the devil’s only daughter (Dtox)
siftin’ Goldschlager flakes to pay my tab, then take a cab
bartender starts to speak of how to weather—I don’t bother
as I try to find the words that she deserves, but I can’t
ordering water on the rocks, they serve me fire—flaming hot
to get me where I’ve gotta go, meanin’ home, but they keep me
cause bein’ pleased is easy when I’m drinkin’—I was thinkin’
of revolutionary thoughts from a brown paper bag
passed out—woke up in the future so how bad do you want it
or is this a pipe-dream flushed down the toilet after last night’s fling
we ain’t some hang-around-the-fort type of Injuns
we some Chiefs—making beats, slicin’ mics, cuttin’ Sweets
while the peace-pipe lifts us up—the issues keep us grounded
slippin’ shout-outs into the sub-conscious—talkin’ over the announcements
I got issues…point-blank—you just a blank…with no point
screamin’ into the Lake of Fire—hopin’ your phrase gets coined



and I make this statement… (Kewal)
how far will you go before the hell gets bent
if I can ask the questions…then I can answer them too
and this I say…between me and I
better blow up that me-and-you bullshit
this is a life I could never quit
so you all, we all—eye-n-I
for all those devils…let the fire burn…
…Jah………let the fire burn…
Track Name: Nana's Kitchen

chillin’ in the kitchen with some pots and pans
no instruments available, but we got cans
Code-E on the beat, GO AT with the melody
who else do you know with this creativity
you feelin’ me—right, on the mic I’m so nice,
but ladies watch out…cause I do bite
through winter, summer, all of ‘em, fall, and spring
that Outkast GOAT is so fresh and so clean
free-basin’ knowledge and callin’ you all to the front
with the Force of a Blunt—never comin’ half-ass
I’ve wrote befo’ fuck smokin’…I am eatin’ grass
you weren’t feelin’ Tats or the Sample of Sound,
well if I really gave a damn, then I guess I’d bow down,
but aw hell naw—not after 11 years deep
a hobby—check credentials—this is life til I sleep
man I’ll connect All-Stars, you Betta Ask Somebody
and the heat from constellations’ll light up Electric Cities
the Journey continues…so who’s down
DFDub unified, let’s take over this town
what’s up…DFDub, Straight Jackit, BFC,
Biogliphic, 32nd Kalpa, and Arcade
Lucid…Tri Opt’s a Lethal Dos
Texas, reppin’ the dirty 3rd coast
Track Name: B Desheltered

at times, this world’s so far from kind
that we misplace our souls and turn ice-cold
and I’ve been told, that things won’t change
and I’ve been scolded, and weaved in pain
I’ve sat back and watched friends go down the drain
flushed by the devil himself—who?—Cocaine
what’d I do to help ‘em—not a thing
thought it was none of my business, turned my head the other way, why?
I wasn’t practicin’ what I’d of been preachin’
my eyes were blinded by…my innermost secrets
the fabric of my worth was covered with shame
I felt life was a curse, and God was to blame,
but now I thank him for blindin’ me, now I can see
even though I was damaged…I found me
when negativity’s gotta hold, you can’t see straight
when positivity’s nonexistent, there’s an unfocused fate


imagine a place you feel so safe and secure…
where happiness sprinkles, rains, then pours…
where we treat every child as if they were ours…
where people come together instead of goin’ to war
it’s hard to grasp such a foreign idea,
but faith is hope, and consciousness is contagious
get infected and spread this disease
unify and multiply—a pure breed
we’re diggin’ the hole deeper if we neglect the neglected
this planet’s not completely wrecked yet,
but who’ll make the U-turn if you don’t
music’s a universal language; this track’s my quote
come outta your shell, spread the light to the dark
you only live one life so it’s a good time to start
if you’re a leader, then lead, and don’t ever stop
if you’re a follower, then follow your heart
animals have instinct, perfect it like an art
gut feelings are always distinguished apart
from any other spark in the fires of doubt
massage every partner by word of mouth
ya know we all lose, if only one of us wins
America’s labeled the very definition of sin
and it’s been proven and rubbed all in
we’re the world’s downfall and maybe we have been,
but I wish we’d wake up cause I wanna have kids,
but I’m highly hesitant ‘bout fulfillin’ those plans
with that…I’ll ignore no more
I’m ready to fight for…a pure world
my advice, if you want it, is to be desheltered
choose to take a look around, and search for answers
dare to discover each other, to hell with glances
gamble…cause even odds are chances
Track Name: Reflections ...173

I’m writin’, but I can’t even sit up
eye’s swollen, matted shut from blood and puss
been up for 38 hours—no sleep…
been drunk and sobered up and everywhere in between,
but it all started—we went swimmin’ in Knob Creek,
a few shotsa Tuaca, then we’re ready to leave
no doubt, pimped-out for Bass and Frog’s Spring Break
so it’s a must we get crunk, but I got class at 8
it’s all good—separate cars, now we’re off to B.D.’s
then what—you know us, we get Crowned like kings
met my boy’s girl for the 1st time, the pleasure’s all mine
Miah speaks of her highly…good to meet her finally
ran into Buck and J, they wantin’ to leave to D.G.C.’s
cool—pile in her car 4 deep, just down the street
we continue scopin’ scenery
dollar bills gettin’ tucked when you touch—it ain’t free
at this point—no cares—toast to friendship and ladies
little did we know…this night would end with tragedy
a memory, I promise, that’ll never be forgotten
no way to dodge it with logic, the keys of death in our pockets
and we almost unlocked it……
no way to dodge it with logic

my eye’s frozen—so I can’t help, but reflect
internal mirrors rarely lie—they cause an effect
tonight could be your time—so don’t test
death is a step, just a breath away

worked up and too wild—we ‘bout to get kicked out
plus gotta get back to Denton so peace, we out
Northwest Highway, the route, a few minutes from my ride
bullshittin’ with Bass in the back…
then silence…til the next impact
chaotic confusion, happened fast—no time to react
deep sleep, fuck that—wake up, panic attacks
what just happened, thoughts blackened, tears are fallin’, minds are crashin’
man you alright—I’m fine, wife-beater soaked in red—
must be blood—screams focus…fuck—your girl’s stuck
adrenaline rush—be strong—dial 9-1-1,
sirens crescendo to us, the ambulance pullin’ up
get her and I both on the stretchers, I’m confessin’ intoxication
right beside me cryin’ in pain, squeeze my hand, pray for a blessin’
Parkland E.R., our destination—we make it there
the 4 of us separated, gotta straight face, but I’m scared
I ain’t prepared for this, but you think anyone is
for a second I smelled the mornin’ breath of death in the wind…
for a second I smelled the mornin’ breath of death in the wind


tryin’ to remain calm—thinkin’ I’m here, but why
the cops suggested it, but I went cause Bass said I should for my eye
so I’m tryin’ to chill, but agony surrounds me
some from Coke withdrawals, some from gun-shots ‘round me
doc’s in—needles and scissors so close, they’re blurry
stitches in, bandages on—don’t put no mirrors in front me
where and how is she—what—heart surgery…
ankle broken…ribs too—this can’t be the truth
I’m scared we will lose…and I’m far from havin’ a clue
sweat’s pourin’…dog…what the fuck we gonna do
thoughts smearin’, this is serious—pray she’ll make it through
we in this together—we in that surgery too…
it went smoothly—an angel was at her side…
thank God—we almost lost a life, and my eye
what’s the date—3-1-3-03—
Jacob was born today, it could have been an exchange for us
I know you’ve heard it before, but tomorrow ain’t promised
so make it a point to tell your blood you love ‘em…everyday
and live your life to the fullest…
live your life to the fullest

it’s hard to see—with frozen-shut eyes
external mirrors have blind-spots that often lie
don’t test—tonight could be yo time
life and death switch lanes when you drink and drive…


some look up when I look down
when life’s disrupted by dark clouds
and I can’t help, but think our life is fading

try to fight the pain—don’t suffer
my love goes out to sisters and mothers
that have lost their son’s light temporarily

in the end, we’ll all meet again,
but as of now I’ll lend both hands
to any soul that’s thinking they need anything

this is hard, but we’ll make it
heads will drop and spirits are breaking
you’ve lost yourself, but found by the erasing

thoughts racin’, precipitation buildin’,
tears interrupted by memory-induced laughter
few smiles, scattered weeps, and blood-shot eyes
unexpectations run wild…
folks of all ages surprised, sight blurred by salt-water,
some kneelin’ at the feet of the Father,
bothered by miscomprehensions and unanswered questions
as the mixed scent of nature invades the air
I’m visually impaired—unfamiliarity
ties and dresses ain’t usually what I’m used to seein’…cause
under any other circumstance
we’d be chillin’, drinkin’, goofin’ off, or makin’ music
now friends and family gather to celebrate the life
of an individual that’s been truly freed
people dealin’ with it differently—including myself
few words…ever…even escaped my mouth
I deal with things internally—inhalin’, why others exhale—
we all differ in the ways we excel
many grippin’ tissue—wishin’ they’d wake up
I’m dwellin’ on how I didn’t take advantage of
knowin’ a good person…better than I did
they’re few and far between…and I’m sorry for this
never collabed on a track ever……
but I promise when we meet again, we will in the next level
well, you left with a pick in your pocket, my pick, a bowl of ‘dro,
and…Jacob’s photo, but know
your place’ll be marked in ink over our hearts—
173…Knicka Knox…you’ve left in peace

but you’re free now…more than you could be on Earth
(together with)

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